This was a virtually untested injection brought to you by the people who brought you the opioid crisis and furthermore, they were given zero liability as a gift.

What could go wrong?

Hot Air: We keep being told that injury to the heart from the COVID vaccine is very rare, but a study done in Basel Switzerland indicates that the rate of subclinical myocarditis after the COVID vaccine is hardly rare at all.

In fact, in a study with only 777 participants with a median age of 37–all medical professionals getting the COVID vaccine–the incidence of elevated cardiac enzymes 3 days after injection was pretty substantial, at almost 3%.

The CDC did a study and from that, they claimed the rate was 0.001%, or one out of 100,000.

2.8% is a lot higher than 0.001%. Another 0.3% had “probable myocarditis,” putting the total at over 3%. That is 3000 times higher than the US government claimed.

In this small study, nobody had serious complications, but with a myocarditis complication rate of 3%, you would have to expect that giving out hundreds of millions of doses is a pretty risky proposition.

I think we all knew that already, but this study seems to put the nail in the coffin of “vaccine injuries are super rare” from COVID-19 shots.

The media is ignoring this, despite the mounting evidence. The deep state doesn’t want you to know. Big Pharma is concealing what they know. But the truth will come out eventually. They cannot keep this hidden forever.