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Month July 2023

You’ve Changed.

Someone said I’ve changed because I’m all “into God.” I told them I was always into God. It just took me a while to understand I was not Him. And here’s the thing, if Christianity doesn’t change you, you’re probably… Continue Reading →

The Barbie Movies Looks Like a Total Feminist Disaster

I must admit that the marketing team has donee an excellent job with this movie but not revealing that it belongs in some gender studies’ seminar, rather than promoted to teenage girls. What I’m hearing about this movie is horrendous… Continue Reading →

I Wonder Why Military Recruitment is Plummeting. Oh, that’s why. Girl Forced to Shower with Trans Males.

Last year, the Army fell more than 15,000 recruits short of its target of 60,000 in 2022. This isn’t going to help. Since the coronavirus pandemic began in March 2020, female enlistments down by 31%. Fox News: An 18-year-old military… Continue Reading →

Hollywood Reacts to the Sound of Freedom

Perfect. I thought it was going one way and then it went the other. The Sound of Freedom is now the #2 movie in the country. That’s a big deal, folks. And it’s amazing how the mainstream media attempted to… Continue Reading →

Woman De-transitions and tells her story. YouTube Censors.

Welcome to the 21st century. Your viewpoint will no longer be necessary to the public discourse. Tank you for playing. This young woman regrets her surgical transition and she wants to tell her heartbreaking story. But YouTube will not allow… Continue Reading →

Insanity Reigns. Pro-Abort Punches Elderly Pro-Lifer in the Face. Still No Charges?

Lifesitenews.com: A pro-abortion canvasser for a radical amendment could face criminal charges after she allegedly assaulted a 71-year-old retired college professor outside of a CVS. Professor Joyce Miller told LifeSiteNews via email that she has seen canvassers for the proposed… Continue Reading →

When leftism meets reality

When leftism meets reality it doesn’t end well. Either you ignore reality and bend it to fit your narrative or you grow up. In the case of NYC Mayor Eric Adams, he’s just ignoring reality completely. You might recall this… Continue Reading →

Sue them into Stop Harming Children

Many doctors are taking advantage of children’s confusion. They’re profiting from gender dysphoria. We can attempt to legislate this away but blue states have already entrenched themselves against children’s well being so suing these malefactors is the way to go…. Continue Reading →

If Life is Meaningless…

Many of our self-professed elites consider life meaningless. Please remember, if these secular leftists consider your life meaningless, your death is also meaningless. So when you vote for secular leftists to fill positions of power, just remember that. “‘But what… Continue Reading →

Nearly Half of Millenials Believe “Misgendering” should be a Crime.

Oy. Stupidity gives me a headache. And this story is a migraine waiting to happen. Young people are stupid. Every parent knows this. They come out stupid. They stay stupid for quite some time and then they go out into… Continue Reading →

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