I love how conservatives are being accused of politicizing the mask.

Let’s go over the timeline. Politicians tells the country they must do something that there is absolutely no scientific data to support. Some people question this massive shift in our country and they’re accused of politicizing the issue.

The mask is now a political litmus test. In coming days, as many stores no longer require masks you’re going to see many many confrontations between vaccinated masked people berating maskless people they suspect of being unvaccinated.

In some ways, this entire process has been the removing of the mask of the left. Many Americans are seeing for the first time who the left really is. They are a rage machine fed on fear and bent on control.

A mask is now the most outward sign of elitism. It is a sign that you care and thus separate yourself from the maelstrom of icky paleo-Christan right wing red staters. So, in short, the mask makes them feel better than you. And they can therefore lecture you and follow you around with their phone and berate you and try to cancel you.

We have generations of Americans addicted to their own self righteous anger. Their loathing of others is a rush that fills the hole that faith used to play. That constant endorphin rush is a difficult high to come down from.

Nothing short of supernatural intervention can bring this country together. We will have to hit bottom before any healing can possibly begin.