It could easily be considered the most important abortion case to be heard by the Supreme Court in a generation.

On Monday, the high court agreed to hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which is a legal challenge to a Mississippi law that bans abortions after about 15 weeks of pregnancy.

The court could change everything when it comes to abortion. This is the moment that pro-lifers have worked tirelessly for. This is the moment that the left dreaded.

If the court upholds the Mississippi law, then pro-life states will have the right to meaningfully restrict abortion which is not the case right now.

What will happen?

Nobody knows.

If pro-lifers lose, it will be devastating. Pro-lifers have worked for years to elect Republican presidents just so they could nominate judges. Out of the nine justices on the court, six were nominated by Republicans. Mission accomplished, right? But that, as we know, means little. Because we all know Justice John Roberts has effectively become one of the most liberal justices on the court.

Kavanaugh? Gorsuch? Barrett? We just don’t know yet.

One thing is for sure. If the left loses this court case they will view it as the starting gun to packing the court. The media will join in and the politicians will weep and gnash their teeth about the politicization of the high court. And then they will go about adding at least two extreeeeeeemely liberal judges to “fix” the court. This will destroy any confidence Americans hold in the court.

The weird part is that all the justices know all this. The very idea of packing the court hangs over the entire proceeding. Joe Biden has said as much. I could easily see one or three of the justices ruling against Mississippi in this case in order to preserve the integrity of the court. (As if.) They’ll invent some sort of legal blather about standing and punt.

This would be the ultimate “moving the goalposts” move. When the high court ruled on Roe it took pro-lifers a decade or so to understand the rules of the game. You couldn’t win at the voting booth anymore. The court took the issue out of the people’s hands. So the pro-life movement clued in and began the work of changing the court. This took decades. But we may have finally achieved a majority. But now, the Democrats are threatening simply packing the court in order to take our voice away, possibly forever.

This is an apocalyptic/ nation splitting move. A disaster. When you make it clear to half the people they have no voice in government bad things happen.

I fully expect all this but I pray I’m wrong.