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Month October 2022

John Fetterman Begins Debate By Saying “Good Night” to Audience. Things Got Worse from There.

Fetterman opens the debate: "Hi. Good night everybody." pic.twitter.com/mg0X3Iwf5D — Greg Price (@greg_price11) October 26, 2022 Maybe he was wishing “good night” to his candidacy. And then he reportedly said he sure likes them French fried taters. OK. That second… Continue Reading →

AP Now Officially Labels Child Mutilation as “Gender Affirming Care.”

Nomenclature is the battle which decides the grounds on which the battle will be fought. Daily Wire: “Vanderbilt to review gender-affirming surgeries for minors,” the AP headlined a story earlier this month. No, the wire service didn’t use the term… Continue Reading →

Video: Bishop Athanasius Schneider BLASTS the Synod on Synodality

And you thought one year of a synod was great. But wait. If you act now you get a year extra!!! Bishop Schneider isn’t a fan of the synod on Synodality. And unlike so many others in the Church, he’s… Continue Reading →

You Won’t Believe What Infamous Atheist Madelyn Murray O’Hare Told Her Own Child When He Accepted Christ.

I guess a bit of background is necessary here. I’ll make it brief. Madalyn Murray O’ Hare was the most famous atheist in America. Saying she was fighting for her son who was an atheist, she spearheaded the battle against… Continue Reading →

Black Dude Drops the Hammer of Truth on Woke School Board. Must See.

He’s talking millstones and judgement and then drops school choice on their heads. Let’s put this dude in charge! HT Citizen Free Press

My Man! Archbishop Chaput Nails It.

I, of course, appreciate what Archbishop Charles Chaput said about Joe Biden not being in communion with his faith. I do. I appreciate that’s getting a lot of attention. But what he said about our struggle to fit into mainstream… Continue Reading →

Remember. Joe Biden Celebrated and Danced Over Abortion Victory

It’s easy just to see President Joe Biden as a bumbling ne’er-do-well. But please be aware that if he is given the majority back he has pledged to codify Roe v Wade as federal law. This, of course, would be… Continue Reading →

It’s Not The Economy, Stupid.

We’ve heard the arguments that rising crime is due to a lack of access to abortion. We’ve heard the arguments that rising crime is due to the lack of access to abortion. Yup. Rising crime could be solved by abortion…. Continue Reading →

Black Law Students Say Pro-life chalking ‘isolates’ and ‘victimizes’ black students

Let’s just be clear here. If the pro-life group were to be cheering the fact that more black babies are aborted in New York City than are born every year that would indeed be racist. But if they’re pointing it… Continue Reading →

Wait. You Mean To Say Planned Parenthood is Racist?! Who Saw That Coming?

Founded by a well known racist and seeking to kill minority children for decades who’d a thunk that they were racist. Yahoo: A former Planned Parenthood employee is suing the company, alleging racial discrimination and wrongful termination in a sprawling… Continue Reading →

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