There have been dozens of pro-life clinics vandalized, robbed, and torched with no arrests. There is actually a group taking responsibility for the vandalizations but still there have been no arrests.

But man, Democrat Senatorial candidate from Arizona Katie Hobbs’ office gets broken into and the media jumps all in with conspiracy theories and the police go on full alert, huh?

Within hours, police charged Daniel Mota Dos Reis, 36, who was already in jail after his arrest in connection with a separate burglary at a commercial property that had happened earlier that day, according to the Phoenix Police Department.

This kind of put a crimp in the media’s fun. You see, they were busy running a conspiracy theory that someone from the Kari Lake campaign or someone inspired by her hate campaign came in to destroy her campaign office, even though it was clearly a petty theft.

But sadly, it was just some random dude.

Kari Lake, who is currently leading in the polls, went to town on the media for running with Hobbs’ conspiracy theory.

She really tears them up. She is logical and ruthless.

If only Dems ran pro-life clinics, then we might see some arrests and media interest to all the damage done to pro-life clinics. I guess, that’s the point though.

HT Citizen Free Press