I’m going to be talking about my post at The Register about HHS slogans on national radio because that’s how I roll. Heck, it might even be international radio!

If you have any you’d like to add that I can use please drop them in the combox. Here’s mine:

10) Keep your ovaries off my rosaries!
9) Pay for your own darn pill!
8) I ain’t yo’ sugar daddy!
7) I usually don’t pay for other people to have sex. Usually.
6) It ain’t up to me to buy your IUD.
5) Your conscience ends where my wallet begins.
4) First you got Roe, Now you want my dough.
3) Obama promised us a “robust” conscience clause and a “robust” economy. What happened?
2) Women will decide their fate, paid for by the Church and State!
1) Your mandate says I have to pay for your man date.

LarryD added, “We’ll stay out of your bedrooms when you stay out of our wallets!”

Other had some great ones too like:
Makin’ time? Use your own damn dime.
Your pill? Your bill.

Feel free to add more in the combox here.