The pop you hear is the sound of pro-aborts heads exploding. The abortion industry essentially spend about 75 percent of their money and time on making sure women don’t ever see what’s in the womb.

The anti-science abortion nuts want to keep the womb as the undiscovered country that’s never to be explored. It’s just a clump of cells. Take their word for it.

This effort becomes increasingly difficult as new technology reveals the life in the womb is none other than a little human. Huh. Who’d a thunk it?

Well, a company that makes ultrasound machines might just be making Big Abortion’s job a lot harder. They’re looking at making ultrasounds that work off IPads.

Technology Review reports:

In what might be a larger trend for makers of all kinds of screen-centric, processor-intensive technologies, engineers for portable ultrasound device maker Sonosite appear to be contemplating replacing the guts of their machines with Apple’s iPad or other tablet.

Sonosite describes itself as “the world leader and specialist in hand-carried and mountable ultrasound.” It’s got a market cap of more than $750 million, and it makes at least a half dozen different portable ultrasound machines. It’s not a new technology, but the ability to take it anywhere means it’s being used by doctors in unexpected contexts,

This could make ultrasounds a lot more affordable and easier to procure for crisis pregnancy centers.

I’ve heard from many people who work at these crisis pregnancy centers and they’ve all told me that if a mother sees her baby in the womb she almost always chooses life.

So us anti-science Christian types will keep embracing new technology while the anti-science abortion profiteers pretend it’s still the Dark Ages.