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Choosing Life: The Crisis That Wasn’t

*subhead*Life, Love and Joy.*subhead* As the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade dawns, my friends that have adopted children have been posting pictures on Facebook of their beautiful families and thanking the birth mothers for their courage and sacrifice. These… Continue Reading →

Your IPad Ultrasound

The pop you hear is the sound of pro-aborts heads exploding. The abortion industry essentially spend about 75 percent of their money and time on making sure women don’t ever see what’s in the womb. The anti-science abortion nuts want… Continue Reading →

What a Woman in Crisis Really Needs

This story by Calah Alexander of Barefoot and Pregnant fame absolutely blew me away. What an amazing pro-life story. It’s your must read of the day. Calah Alexander writes: Amidst the debates swirling around about defunding Planned Parenthood, some oft-repeated… Continue Reading →

A Pregnant Woman is Like…

Please. Won’t you take a moment of your time to say a little prayer or donate some of your hard earned money to help the metaphor and simile disabled. They walk among us. They even graduate from top ivy league… Continue Reading →

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