Decorum fail.

This may be the worst political speech I’ve ever seen. It’s actually kinda’ weird in a disturbing way. This Republican complains that the bad press around his bill requiring an ultrasound before an abortion cost him some nookie with his wife. And he doesn’t just say it. He presents it like he’s putting on a show.

I guess we know why he’s in the state house and not on the federal level. Here’s the thing, I’m all for using humor to get your point across but not from the floor of the legislature. And it’s not like he was using humor to make a higher point. No. He was just turning the legislature into a locker room and complaining that he didn’t get some last night.

He was doing it to show what a cool guy he was. Epic fail, cool guy.

And dude, if your wife is believing that you’re a tool because MSNBC said so, then I think there’s other problems going on in your marriage.