Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a little confused as to what people mean by “science” these days. You lost me when we were supposed to pretend “potential human” was a scientific designation.

Science was never my strong suit but I looked up a few things today. XY chromosomes means boy. XX means girl. That hasn’t changed.

Here’s the deal. Two transgender high school sprinters were collecting trophies like a boss in high school races in Connecticut. Like they had a cheat code or something. Actually they did: the code was XY. Three high school female track stars claimed in a lawsuit that it’s unfair to allow biologically male athletes to compete as females. Connecticut is one of 17 states that allows students to compete without restriction.

Normally, a story about oppressed females has editorial boards weeping in indignation and CNN anchors breaking quarantine to feign indignation, but if you haven’t heard about this story it’s not your fault. Few women have been this ignored by the media since Tara Reade went on Megyn Kelly.

You’d hope that our justice system might be a bit fairer than the media, but no. District Judge Robert Chatigny, the judge in Connecticut presiding over this case, has demanded that attorneys for the three girls never refer to the biologically male runners as males because… science!

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