We haven’t really discussed it here but many other bloggers have including some Catholic bloggers have. I will keep it spoiler free and vague. I think BSG is back!

I must admit, even thought the content is sometimes inappropriate and there have been other troubling aspects of the show, I have been a big BSG fan. Over the last several years I have been preaching to the unconverted, mostly in my family. It was through my petitions and intercession that my brother Matthew and my sister began watching the show. As I watched the first several episodes of this final season of the show, I feared that I had led my family into a cult that might have seemed to have the answers but was destined to fall short.

Undoubtedly, the writers and producers of the show have many chess pieces to move into place in order to deliver the finale. Even with that said, this season has been disappointing to say the least. The story lines and character arcs wandered to places they didn’t belong. Felix Gaeta as the organizer of revolution (even if a a tool of Tom Zarek) seemed forced. But as I said, I tried to be patient. I knew that they had many pieces to move into place, but I admit that I have been losing faith. I began to wonder if the writers and producers themselves knew what they wanted to do with the show. But my hope, at least temporarily, has been restored.

Tonight’s episode reminded me of all that I have appreciated about the show. Back on plot. Characters who betray – betraying. Gullible characters getting sucked in. Hendrix. It was all back. There are three episodes left and my hopes are growing.

I cannot speak of my hopes, however, without speaking of my fears. What is my greatest fear? Moral equivalency. I worry that, as Dirk Benedict does, that ultimately there is no good or evil. He said “You can’t do a show about good and evil. Because then somebody has to be responsible.” My greatest worry about the show is that humans, with all their flaws, are no better than the Cylons. That the Cylons (at least five of them) have learned the lessons that humanity has yet to learn. I also fear that when we learn of the reasons for the Cylons attempt to annihilate mankind, we will find that we had it coming.

I sincerely hope they don’t go there. Tonight when we saw Boomer being bad., I had hope. Boomer is bad. She has betrayed the fleet, she has betrayed her fellow Cylons, she has betrayed all her fellow eights. Sharon betrays, that is what she does. Evil destroys, that is what it does. At least for tonight, bad guys were bad guys and all was right with the world.

I really hope BSG finishes the right way. Redemption, even for Cylons, is good. Saying that we are all bad to begin with, not so much.

(My prognostications follow)
Oh, and by the way. Adama is the dying leader that lead them to Earth, not the President and Starbuck is the daughter of a cylon that was an artist and was boxed. Starbuck is the hope for the future because she is the original offspring (hybrid?) of the Cylons. Dean Stockwell knew this and that is why he boxed Daniel.
(End Prognostications)