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Month February 2009

Caption Contest

“No, no, no. It’s not what you think. I just wanted to make the guy at 7-Eleven feel comfortable.”

Most Difficult Job To Fill Is a Tie

A study performed by the prestigious CMR Institute of the most difficult jobs to fill – even in these difficult economic times ended in a statistical tie for first place between Al Qaeda’s #2 man and Barack Obama’s Commerce Secretary…. Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on A-Rod

Steriods, baseball and the “invasion of grace”:

Bomb Threat Over Priest Removal

You might remember Father Peter Kennedy who was pulled from his Australian parish but refused to leave because he’s too busy blessing homosexual couples, allowing women to preach, and selling books that questioned the divinity of Jesus. You might also… Continue Reading →

Obama’s State Of The Union: My Thoughts

A few quick thoughts on Obama’s state of Obama speech. The whole time I am listening to it, I know he is lying and I suspect that he does too. Back in the Clinton days when I listened to Bill… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – February 24, 2009

► Vote For CMR – Bloggers Choice Awards —Best Religion Blog—Best Humor Blog ◄ Scariest Quote from the White House—Human rights are on hold due to the crisis. Curious Case of Lenten Blogger—CMR will not be giving up blogging for… Continue Reading →

Scariest Quote from the White House

On her first trip to Asia as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had the following to say concerning human rights: “our pressing on those issues can’t interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security… Continue Reading →

Curious Case of Lenten Blogger

CMR fave Erin Manning has a bee in her bonnet. Erin takes issue with the annual festival of Catholic bloggers who give up blogging (reading and/or writing) for lent. She says she understands why some people may do this but… Continue Reading →

Holocausts and holocausts

Just a quick note – As a Catholic, I am offended and embarrassed by Bishop Williamson’s much publicized denial of the Holocaust. But you know what irks me even more? It’s when bishops and priests today ignore the holocaust going… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – February 23, 2009

► Vote For CMR – Bloggers Choice Awards —Best Religion Blog—Best Humor Blog ◄ Where Have You Gone Atticus Finch?—Hollywood no longer celebrates the American man. It’s Official: Dolan for NYC—Archbishop Dolan replaces Cardinal Egan in NYC. A Real Global… Continue Reading →

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