Scariest Quote from the White House
—Human rights are on hold due to the crisis.

Curious Case of Lenten Blogger
—CMR will not be giving up blogging for Lent no matter how much you want us to.

Holocausts and holocausts
—There’s lunacy and then there’s blindness.

Where Have You Gone Atticus Finch?
—Hollywood no longer celebrates the American man.

It’s Official: Dolan for NYC
—Archbishop Dolan replaces Cardinal Egan in NYC.

A Real Global Crisis of Our Own Making
—A real crisis in which millions could die. Haven’t heard about it? You are not alone.

Death by Mixed Signals
—Pro-Obama priest made Monsignor. Mixed signals are killing us.

The Million Snowman March
—Some weekend silliness.

Creative Minority Reader

Awesome Virtual Tour of Beautiful Church
—360 degrees of holy.

Priest Compares Self to Jesus, UFO Cult Rallies To his Cause
—You know you’re not having a good day when the UFO cult is on your side.

—24 hour confession in the Big Apple. A good start.

Killing? Rape? Fine. But No Smoking!
—Hollywood is mad.