A few quick thoughts on Obama’s state of Obama speech.

The whole time I am listening to it, I know he is lying and I suspect that he does too. Back in the Clinton days when I listened to Bill delivering this type of speech, I knew he was lying also. Somehow, though, I always got the impression that Bill had managed to convince himself of the lie. In his belief in his own virtue, he seemed convinced and convincing even when he was as far from the truth as could be, even to the point of the wagging of the finger. Watch that denial again sometime, that man really believes he is the victim. Somehow, for me, it made it easier to get past such things with Clinton because underneath you could always see the weakness that allowed him to really believe his own lies.

For all that, it occurred to me that Barack Obama is far scarier. He lies, he knows he is lying, and he doesn’t care. “I don’t believe in bigger gov’t” – “Tax cuts for 95%” – “No earmarks” Lies all. His lies seem to be pre-meditated fabrications to give him what he wants, more power. With Clinton, the truth always seemed distorted. Cloudy. With Obama, truth is simply irrelevant.


When I read the story about the bank exec who gave the money to all the employees, I was impressed. Seeing him in the gallery being used by Obama as a prop meant to bash all the greedy CEO’s who have only managed to keep hundreds of thousands employed for years, I was not impressed.

When Obama relayed the story of the girl and finished with “We are not quitters!” I cringed. This is one time he might actually be telling the truth. So much the worse for us.

Michelle Obama continues to look …

Bobby Jindal. Said all the right things and absolutely no one will remember tomorrow. Oh, by the way, it may not be PC, but for the next four years, does every Republican who offers a response to Obama have to follow McCain’s lead by recognizing the historic nature of Obama? Please, please give it a rest.

When he got the nomination “I would like to recognize the historic nature of the first black nominee of a major party”. When he won, “I would like to recognize the historic nature of the first black president-elect” and tonight “I would like to recognize the historic nature of the first black president to have a pretend Sate of the Union” How about recognizing the historic nature of the first president – period – to spend a gazillion dollars in his first four weeks in office. Enough with the “historic nature” crap. He won, its over, no one cares.

And if you think that anyone who thinks that Republicans are all racists will suddenly say to themselves, “Oh look Weezie, they recognized the historic nature of the first black president to spend our great great-great-great grandkids money, maybe the Republicans aren’t so bad,” you have another thing coming. Repeat after me. No One Cares! So stop it already.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. But if I can leave you with one thought. One thought only, it is this. Remember, nobody messes with Joe. Well, except Joe of course.