Can we ever forgive JK Rowling?

You’ve got to give the Harry Potter author credit for staying in the fight. She doesn’t have any back down in her.

Just look at all the actors in the movies that she imagined in the first place and how they’ve all turned on her for saying absolutely reasonable things. They do so because they’re scared and possibly stupid.

Let’s be clear, Rowling is someone who is on the side of the left on pretty much all things LGBTQ but she is unwilling to admit that a male declaring himself female is not a woman. She supports their right to do so but she simply says they are not a woman. She says radical things like men can not get pregnant. I know, right?

In this case, Rowling is pointing at the absurdity of allowing a male rapist who, after being caught, dons a wig so as to be sent to a female prison. She calls this out and the left reacts poorly.

Just a funny note. I interviewed JK Rowling at a children’s bookstore years ago. After signing something like a billion copies of children’s books, she allowed me to ask a few questions for the newspaper I was working at the time. I honestly couldn’t make out a word she said. Her accent was so thick. I recorded it but couldn’t make heads or tails of what she was saying so I ended up just interviewing some of the children and why they loved Harry Potter.

But I understand what she’s saying now.

Evie Magazine: JK Rowling went from internet darling to one of the most hated people on Twitter over the last year because of her unwavering commitment to acknowledge biology and refuse to accept men in women’s spaces simply because they consider themselves transgender. In 2020, she defended a woman from the UK who lost her job because she opposed the British government’s plans to make gender changes legal. Over the last couple of years, Rowling has generated so much vitriol from trans activists that she was actually doxxed in November 2021 when three activist actors stood outside her home and posted her address. But she’s not slowing down anytime soon. She posted a series of tweets in reference to a violent male rapist who was placed in a women’s prison because he identifies as a woman.

Nicola Sturgeon is a Scottish politician serving as First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party, and she is known to be an avid supporter of the trans movement. Rowling is outspokenly critical of Sturgeon because she refused to remove a man who goes by Isla Bryson from an all-female prison. Bryson was convicted of raping two women while he went by the name of Adam Graham. He started “transitioning” into calling himself a woman in 2020—after he was charged with raping the two women. He has a face tattoo that makes him easily recognizable, but he recently started wearing a blonde wig to cover part of his face with the fake hair. Various headlines claimed that Bryson was found guilty of raping two women with “her penis” in 2016 and 2019.

Sturgeon supported Bryson’s being moved into an all-female prison despite his violent history with women, and Rowling spoke out against this on Twitter. She shared a tweet with the headline showing his face before he “transitioned” and what he looked like while pretending to be a woman.

Rowling also quote-tweeted a picture of Sturgeon speaking to a young girl while kneeling, writing, “‘Do you agree that a convicted double rapist who decided he was a woman after appearing in court belongs in a women’s prison, or are you a nasty, far right bigot?’”

In December 2022, Sturgeon blocked a law that would prohibit rapists and child abusers from “changing sex” amidst heated discussions and disagreements about Scotland’s so-called gender reform bill. Rowling believes in protecting women’s spaces, especially from men who have a violent past, leaving her rightfully furious about the fact that this male rapist was suddenly allowed to be put in a women’s prison. Bryson’s estranged wife told the Daily Mail she believes that he became transgender in order to have an easier time in an all-female prison.

“Never once did he say anything to me about feeling he was in the wrong body or anything. I have a lot of sympathy for real transgender people, it’s a hard thing to live with, but he’s just bullsh*g the authorities,” she said.

Rowling tweeted on Wednesday, “Men defining what a woman is, what women should and shouldn’t fear, what women should and shouldn’t say, what rights women should be fine with giving up and, of course, what constitutes ‘real’ misogyny: get a bloody mirror. That’s real misogyny, looking right back at you.”

That sums it up nicely there, doesn’t it?