The more I know about this case the more it’s clear this entire trial is a sham.

Ted Meehan, a pro-life warrior who is attending the trial, wrote this update for us.

“Mark Houck testified this morning. He asserted that he had been a good distance from the entrance to Planned Parenthood – all the way on the corner of 12th Street. He had made no effort to get closer. But Bruce Love came out from the entrance area – all the way ACROSS 12th Street while Mark was counseling two women, who were following him to the Women’s Center across 12th Street. Love blocked Mark and forced his way between Mark and the women. Mark put his arm out as Bruce Love “set a basketball pick” to prevent Mark from communicating to the women. Later, Bruce Love came out near the corner of 12th Street corner and was saying bad things about Mark to Mark’s son. Mark told him to stop and moved all the way to the corner. Love continued to say bad things to Mark’s son, and Mark came between them and pushed Love away, causing him to fall down. This was 50-60 feet from the clinic entrance. No one was trying to go in, or come out. It had nothing to do with abortion, but was about Mark protecting his son, after several warnings to Love went unfollowed.

Mark, Jr testified that Love was telling him that his father was a “bad guy”, and that he “hated women”. He said he tried to move away from Love, but Love kept coming closer to him. How close? Within an arm’s length.

This seems like the charges should be dismissed immediately. Ted told me that he expects closing arguments to take place this afternoon. Keep praying folks. Keep praying.

And here’s a picture of the kind and caring abortion escort. He seems nice, huh?

And just a reminder here’s a picture of Mark Houck.