I think some of my homeschoolers would gladly set off the fire alarm but ha! Those things haven’t had batteries for years.

But actually, things are going…oddly well.

During this quarantine my kids are talking and laughing with each other. They’re all reading. One kid is teaching herself the piano. And all I keep thinking is that I have sucked as a parent for a long time.

So…my kids are doing great. Me? Not so much. You know the quarantine is having an effect when your kids are laughing and having the time of their lives and you just want to say something ridiculous like, “Stop laughing so much!!!!”

So yeah, I’m pretty much making life miserable for everyone around me.

In the end, we know this is the right thing to do. Stay home. I’m a Christian but I’m also a little anti-social. But right now Christians are called to love others by socially distancing ourselves. This is my time to shine!!! This is my best chance to become a saint.