Justice without love is not justice. Love without justice is not love.

Mother Teresa

The pursuit of justice uncoupled from love, has been the most evil, ravenous, and corrupting force in history. Because what is justice without God? Without God the pursuit of justice is transformed into an individual’s base want. And those who oppose your whim and will are agents of injustice. And what means are barred for handling those opposing injustice?

The question must be asked, what is justice without God? And without God, what is love? Justice then can only be is what I say is right. And love is exclusively for those who aid me in pursuit of my goal. Those who oppose me are enemies of justice and love.

I believe that’s what we are seeing today. We are struggling to procure a heaven on earth but the only place that can be created without God is Hell. And humans have become proficient in mimicking that wretched place. 

I fear America will one day be a cautionary tale. Maybe some good will come out of this if people learn the correct lesson from our demise.