Oh my.

I hope this isn’t true but I’m not really surprised by this. Are you?

With these kinds of stories one never knows what exactly happened so I hesitated to even post about it but so many people are discussing it at this point that it seems silly not to.

If this turns out to be true, what will happen then? What is happening? It doesn’t seem like much. Where is the reverence? Maybe that’s what we’re losing. Reverence.

With belief in the Real Presence waning, would it be a shock to learn that belief in the Real Presence is diminishing among priests as well?

CathCon reports this first person account:

“My name is Carlito Beixiga. I am a liturgical leader, I lead the Mass with my guitar, I sing and make people sing during the celebrations. I am from the parish of Oursbellile and Bordères-sur-l’Echez.

This Sunday, April 23, 2023, I went to Mass in Bazet because the Church in Bordères has been damaged and we can no longer go there. This morning at 10:30 I lead the Mass as usual on the guitar, and at the moment of communion there is an incident that I would like to point out, which shocked me, which shocked many.

At the moment of communion, Father Dorothée gives Communion to everyone, I sing. And at the end, I stop singing, Father Dorothée approaches me, I approach him, I lift myself up and I also lift the guitar in my hands.

So, not being able to take communion by hand, I approach him and open my mouth. I see that Father Dorothée hesitates to put the host in my mouth, he approaches, he steps back. I say to him, “Is there a problem? I have the guitar in my hand, can you see that I can’t take Communion?”

I thought he was going to put the host in my mouth, I approach and in front of me, and in front of everybody, he puts the host [he makes the gesture of holding it between his fingers] 10 centimetres from my mouth and he drops it.

So it falls to the ground.

I was annoyed, I went to pick it up, he picked it up, and I took the host out of his hands and took communion, I went back to my seat and said to myself, “What is this comedy? What happened is an incident that I would like to report, it was done in full view of everyone.

The shocked faithful would like Monsignor Micas, the Bishop of Tarbes-Lourdes, to remind all his priests that they know what a consecrated host is, the principle of transubstantiation, the conditions for receiving the Holy Eucharist – it is not licit in particular to refuse communion to a faithful person who wishes to receive it on his knees or in his mouth, as the Congregation for Divine Worship reminds us – and that they are aware of the protocol to be followed when a consecrated host falls to the ground.

Whatever the case of the celebrant of Bordères-sur-l’Echez, profaning the Body of Christ by mistreating both the host and the faithful is an act of rare gravity.

I’ll admit that the entire thing seems a little odd to me. The whole guitar thing seems odd but the priest dropping the Eucharist on the floor is just horrifying. Some of these modernists in the Church are so intent on reshaping the Church to their won vision that they’ve lost sight of what the Church really is and what its role is in the world.

The Catholic Man has this: