How can leftists confirm we’re in a spiritual battle without saying we’re in a spiritual battle? Oh, this is how.

An Arizona Democrat House member is caught on video stealing and hiding Bibles from the House members-only lounge.

I know Democrats are at war with Christian ethics but this is getting ridiculous.

Daily Mail:

A Democrat state lawmaker was caught red-handed hiding Bibles in the Arizona House of Representatives members-only lounge in a bizarre video.

Rep. Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton, an ordained Presbyterian minister, was filmed inside the exclusive members-only lounge on April 10 grabbing a Bible off a side table and hiding it under two sofas.

It was the third time since mid-March that the pair of Bibles went ‘missing’ from their display place inside the lounge.

They were previously found underneath chair cushions and inside a fridge in a nearby kitchen.

Stahl-Hamilton, who is running for re-election, now says she was hiding the Bibles as ‘a little playful commentary on the separation of church and state.’