Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense. But it’s the closest I could come to their stupid slogan. You see, the left is all about the separation of church and state unless they think the church can be used for political purposes. Then, all is fair.


In her nearly all-day informal filibuster on the House floor to demand a vote on amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi suggested praying the Catholic rosary for amnesty.

A Catholic herself, Pelosi invoked Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI, saying she had been up during the night before “praying so hard about our Dreamers,” the term given to the 3.5 million illegal aliens who are enrolled and eligible for the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Pelosi said:
I thought maybe we could say the rosary on the floor of the House. Not just five decades, the full rosary. All of the mysteries of the rosary. That’s 15 decades of the rosary but nonetheless, I think these people telling their stories are very prayerful and so we’ll use their time… the time to put their stories on the record. But let me just say how proud I am of the statements made by the U.S. Conference… Catholic Conference of Bishops, their courage and fighting for immigrants across our country from our Cardinals, our Bishops, etc. from their esteemed platforms, whether its the Dreamers or TPS or comprehensive immigration reform, but right now today we’re talking about the Dreamers.

Funny, how she didn’t think the bishops were speaking from an “esteemed platform” when they were looking to preserve traditional marriage or prevent Obamacare from funding abortion.