I read Peggy Noonan’s latest piece and she suggests a compromise between the two political sides. In short, she said that the right’s defense of gun rights is as sacrosanct as the left’s defense of the right to abortion. She suggests that maybe a nice compromise to bring us all together (kumbaya!) would be for us to compromise on the right to bear arms in order to advance the cause for life.

Compromise is often good.

On gun law, Republicans oppose banning assault weapons such as the AR-15, the one the Parkland shooter used, because of the numbers, power and contributions of gun owners and the NRA. Democrats oppose banning late-term abortion because of the numbers, power and contributions of the rising left, feminists and Planned Parenthood.

The idea: Trade banning assault weapons for banning late-term abortion. Make illegal a killing machine and a killing procedure.

In both cases the lives of children would be saved.

So the right is supposed to compromise the God given right to bear arms in order to get some God given rights to life which the left took away earlier. Yes, that’s right. Make concessions of a God given right to try to get the left to not be such hard cases about the right they took away a few decades ago.

Uhm, what?

*subhead*Makes no sense.*subhead*