A phone repair store owner in Derry New Hampshire says he will not serve Republicans because…they’re evil.

Have an old iPhone that needs to be fixed? If you’re a Republican, The Used Apple Store in Derry, New Hampshire, says look elsewhere.
“We feel that they’re the greatest threat currently in the world,” said Billy Williams, the store owner.

The store detailed the Republican ban in a Facebook post, which read in part:

“We say no thank you to any Republican. If you affiliate with the Republican Party you are not welcome into our store.”
The store went as far as to call Republicans “evil.”

“You have an uptight, closed energy, negative aura to you… almost evil, and to be honest, usually evil,” the post said.

This is all well and good but you Christians better have no problem baking that cake.

Ironically, this is exactly what leftists accused Christians of doing. But they weren’t. Christians bakers were refusing to take part in a ceremony that went against their beliefs. But this guy is saying he won’t serve these people because he doesn’t like them. Disgusting.

These are the rules of the game.