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How Dumb Does Tim Pawlenty Feel Now?

Tim Pawlenty never had his bump. He got in, the polls didn’t budge, he got out. But I’m thinking he bailed way too soon. Way. We had the Bachmann burst and bust, we had Perry’s prosper and pop, and Herman… Continue Reading →

Pawlenty Glittered by Abortion, Gay Activists

A group of activists attacked a presidential candidate. But don’t worry it was just a Republican attacked by abortion zealots and gay activists. So it’s not a big deal. Could you imagine if someone did this to a big name… Continue Reading →

Worst Presidential Campaign Kickoff…Evah!

Part of running for President is having a message and sticking to it. Failure to do so is kind of a problem. Tim Pawlenty showed that staying on message might not be his strong suit. This week, Pawlenty was on… Continue Reading →

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