A Canadian Diocese is now requiring a COVID-19 vaccination to attend Mass. I could think of worse ideas. But not many.

Liberty Journal: “Those who have recently turned 12 will have a three-month “grace period” to receive a COVID-19 vaccine before being subject to the vaccine passport system at churches, the diocese said.

A Catholic diocese in Canada will be requiring proof of vaccination and identity verification for anyone age 12 or older to attend Mass or other events held at parishes.

“Effective October 22, 2021, it will be mandatory for all persons 12 and older wishing to attend Masses or Services in our churches to demonstrate proof of vaccination by using the Vaccine Passport: NLVaxPass or by showing proof of vaccination by presenting their QR code before entering our churches,” said an Oct. 15 letter from Bishop Robert Anthony Daniels of Grand Falls to the priests and pastoral leaders of the diocese.

The Diocese of Grand Falls is located in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Its territory is approximately half of the island of Newfoundland.”

OK. Is the Church doing so well that they can now chase families away? You are literally refusing sacraments to people at this point to score political points. This sickens me.

For years we were told that the Church should never be unwelcoming. But that’s all gone now, huh?

I’m asking you this seriously, if those inside the Church were actually secretly enemies of the Church and working feverishly towards her destruction, I ask you, how would they act any differently?