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Hot Mic: Boehner Tells Veep His Wife is the Cutest

Oops. Picked up on a hot mic the night that Obama spoke to Congress, was John Boehner telling Joe Biden that the Vice President’s wife was the cutest one in the row. My first thought after watching this was that… Continue Reading →

Sickest Image of the Day

So here’s the scene. Our Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Warren Rudman at a train station on the day that the Supreme Court upheld Roe V. Wade in Casey V Planned Parenthood. Here’s the gist of it from a… Continue Reading →

A Tale of Two Scandals: Biden v. Palin

Now one of these scandals involves the family of the actual Vice President and the other one deals with a candidate who lost and went back to her home state. The one scandal involves illegal drug use by the Vice… Continue Reading →

A Political Scandal I Don’t Care About

The latest scandal erupting all over the blogosphere seems to be concerning someone who might be Joe Biden’s daughter on videotape snorting cocaine last month. Some sweet guy who shot the video is marketing it around to the highest bidder…. Continue Reading →

Joe Biden in a Meat Suit

President Obama intentionally initiated a golden age of Biden gaffes for the next few years by throwing his Vice President to the wolves during his national press conference Monday. It’s truly a perfect storm. I’ll explain. It started with Joe… Continue Reading →

Sarah, Joe, And The Expectations Game

My short little video essay on last night’s debate. Well done Sarah.

Dumb and Dumber

Incredibly, just two weeks after Nancy Pelosi popped the cork on a long overdue episcopal reprimand, Sen. Joe Biden appearing on the same show is asked the same question and gives the same stupid answer. Without a doubt, Biden had… Continue Reading →

“Equality” from the Democratic VP Candidate?

Well, vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden might have stepped in it with women voters (again): Here’s a quote from a recent campaign appearance: “Ladies and gentlemen, my wife, Jill, who you’ll meet soon, is drop-dead gorgeous,” Biden said. “She also has… Continue Reading →

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