Now one of these scandals involves the family of the actual Vice President and the other one deals with a candidate who lost and went back to her home state.

The one scandal involves illegal drug use by the Vice President’s daughter and the other an unwise sexual relationship by the daughter of a Governor.

In a sane world which one do you think would get more media scrutiny.

Type in “Levi Johnston” and “Palin” into Google News and you’ll get a whopping 2,354 articles that have been written already about Levi Johnston appearing on the Tyra show to dish about his sex life with Sarah Palin’s daughter including the Washington Post, the Associated Press, NY Daily News, MSNBC and others.

Type in “Ashley Biden” and “Cocaine” and you’ll get 152 articles written. And many of them are mostly about Biden’s daughter being “framed” by a “friend” who set her up.

Now, I have stated before that I don’t believe the press should be all that interested in the Ashley Biden story because to me it’s non-news. As someone said in the combox, “Breaking News: Twenty Something Makes Bad Decision.”

But why the heck is the sex life of Governor Palin’s daughter fair game when the alleged drug use of the Vice President’s daughter is not?