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Month March 2009

Fr. Barron Comments on Obama

Christopher Buckley Mocks Church

Christopher Buckley, the Obama loving publicity seeking son of the great William F. Buckley, writes a 500 word snicker about Newt Gingrich becoming a Catholic, the Catholic Church, and conversion in general in his piece “The Audacity of Poping” for… Continue Reading →

Earth Hour: CMR Will Leave a Light on For Ya’

I’m reading everywhere about Earth Hour all of a sudden. At first I was like OK we’ve downgraded Earth Day to just one hour. Now, that’s progress but it turns out that we still have all 24 hours of Earth… Continue Reading →

So Obama’s Against Death Now?

In the past two years, a total of three people jumped off the All-America Bridge to commit suicide. And that was such an assault on the senses of America, that President Obama and the liberals in Congress passed $7.5 million… Continue Reading →

Notre Dame’s Values – Cartoon

via Redstate

AP: You and Your Bishops are a Distraction

Check out the language adopted by the Associated Press to describe the outrage among Catholics about Notre Dame’s invitation to President Obama: Many Catholics are angered by Obama’s planned appearance at the May 17 ceremony because of his decisions to… Continue Reading →

Food For Thought Friday – Healthcare

From the National Center for Policy Analysis 10 Surprising Facts about American Health Care by Scott Atlas Medical care in the United States is derided as miserable compared to health care systems in the rest of the developed world. Economists,… Continue Reading →

CMR’s 8 Signs of Apocalypse (Vol VI)

══ 1 ══ Replicators! I know that you may be thinking that we are Stargate SG-1 geeks but you would be wrong. Well, not entirely wrong. Anyway. Replicators. Add this to the “Doesn’t anyone think this might not end well?”… Continue Reading →

Lawmaker in VA Takes On ND

CMR has come into possession of a letter written by Delegate Bob Marshall of the 11th District in VA to Fr. Jenkins at Notre Dame. We post it here for the record and also because it does a good job… Continue Reading →

Dems vs Liberty — Part MXVII

As you know, Democrats control just about everything these days. This is especially true in Washington State. In that state, just like the U.S. government, the democrats control both houses of the legislature and the executive branch. So, the following… Continue Reading →

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