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Month March 2009

The Pope, The Blogs, and The Google

Cathcon has a story from Kathnet that the Pope is planning to issue a new Pastoral instruction on the media and the world wide interwebs. This is meant to be an update-extension to 1992 “Aetatis novae.” The Vatican is planning… Continue Reading →

Great! Now Gay Marriage is Cynical Too?

ANI is reporting that Portia De Rossi made a video where she pretends to earnestly issue an apology for marrying Ellen DeGeneres in a video spoof. In the video she says: “When I got married, all I was thinking about… Continue Reading →

March To Madness – The Championship

This is the moment we have all been waiting for. The contest for the most destructive person in our culture started off with 64 hopefuls but comes down to the final two. A clear favorite coming into this contest, Barack… Continue Reading →

Francis Beckwith To Speak At ND

Francis Beckwith of Return to Rome will be speaking at Notre Dame this weekend. And he’s not going to shy away from the issue of Obama being honored there. I emailed him earlier today and he wrote back that he’s… Continue Reading →

Free Speech The Way It Should Be!

Old School. Oh why?? Why can we not have in a country as great as ours someone with the will, forthrightness, and linguistic ability as MEP Daniel Hannan tell our own emperor in waiting that he has no clothes. Brilliant!

ND Students Start Protest Website

Mary K. Daly, President, Notre Dame Right to Life, wrote today that a new student group was forming on campus at Notre Dame to protest the school’s honoring of President Barack Obama. She wrote: To ensure that the cries of… Continue Reading →

Over the Counter Abortions for Children!

Barack Obama’s clarion call for the separation of science and morality was heard loud and clear by one judge in Brooklyn. According to the FDA, women younger than 18 require a prescription to purchase Plan B, the abortion drug over… Continue Reading →

Jesuit: Notre Dame Right to Invite Obama

OK everyone, call off the dogs. We were getting ourselves all worked up about this Notre Dame/Obama scandal. But I think we should all feel a little foolish now. It turns out that Notre Dame is perfectly right to honor… Continue Reading →

March To Madness – You Decide!

Stop the presses! Up until this point, the judges panel has decided the winners in each of the previous contests. But, after hearing so many heartfelt pleas from our readers in favor of their choice for most destructive force in… Continue Reading →

Bishop D’Arcy on Notre Dame

Bishop D’Arcy speaks out about Notre Dame inviting Barack Obama. He will not attend graduation. Overalll, this is a polite but stinging statement. Bishop D’Arcy says that Notre Dame has perhaps chosen prestige over truth, but he as a Bishop… Continue Reading →

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