Who cares what Joe Scarborough says, amirite?

It’s only important in that it’s good to see the arguments the left is mounting. Be aware of what your enemy is doing. Scarborough is saying that the first amendment is outdated. This is exactly what they said about the second amendment.

Remember, they said the founders couldn’t have imagined AR-15’s. The founders, they argued, were only talking about muskets. That, of course, is asinine. What the founders were talking about was an armed populace that could overthrow their government if need be. That’s the reason for the right.

So the left is comparing the internet to the AR-15. They’re saying that the Founders couldn’t have imagined the amount of people the internet could reach so there must be limits to it.

There shouldn’t be limits on journalists though, just those icky non journalists on the right who spread misinformation. Kinda’ convenient, huh?

Who gets to decide who’s a “journalist” though? I say let the people decide and they decide by clicking on them. But CNN and MSNBC can’t have that because they lose when that happens. So they need the government to come along and silence others.

Newsbusters: MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough and New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay claimed Wednesday that technological advancements on the internet have rendered the idea of free speech “out of date” because non-journalists are using it to advance “hate speech” and “dangerous” content.

As the Supreme Court deliberates whether companies like Google can be held liable for content posted on their sites, Scarborough declared, “The idea that this is 1996 and we’re talking about You’ve Got Mail or CompuServe is completely asinine.”

Offering up a combination of a statement and a question, he continued, “Isn’t it time for Congress to start holding Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk and other owners of these, these corporations, just to the same standard that everybody else is held to? Why do we carve things out for — and I would ‘ve said Jack Dorsey before and I did say that a couple years ago? This is — it’s just insanity that we’re allowing these billion dollar corporations to have an exemption that nobody else has.”

Gay concurred with Scarborough’s assessment, “You know, Joe, you’re making a powerful case here that the law just, maybe it just is out of date. I mean, listening to you talk about the way you were thinking about it when it was enacted is reason enough. You’re right. The internet has changed.”

As for the First Amendment, Gay declared, “of course, as a journalist, that’s a wonderful thing.”

However, she lamented that other people, who are not journalists, have an expectation that the First Amendment applies to them as well, “The problem here is that the world has changed, and so to your point, Joe, now you have companies that are actually not journalistic organizations that disseminating information, some of it factual, some of it dangerous, some of it hate speech, and they are, they essentially have no responsibility for the consequences of that.”

Who decides who is a journalist or what is hate speech? Naturally, Gay avoided these glaring questions to claim “for the Americans sitting at home, the question is well, what responsibility should YouTube or Google or Facebook have if they’re promoting hate speech on their platforms?”

Gay admitted that she did not have a good legal answer, but also, “that I don’t think we can allow it to go on as it has where there’s no consequences and people can make money, in fact, to your point while this information that is tearing the country apart and by the way providing disinformation and at some cases has made us very endangered, like with January 6. So, there’s real consequences to this and I hope the Court realizes that.”

They’re talking about principles and rights but in reality this is about money. They can’t stand that people aren’t tuning in and they’re having to lay people off while people like the Daily Wire, Tim Pool, and Joe Rogan make millions. So they have to silence them. This is greed we’re seeing here. Greed for money. Greed for power. Greed for control.