A number of schools in Florida are banning their own cheerleader uniforms from class, because the outfits are too skimpy and don’t live up to the schools’ dress codes, according to The Daily Caller.

At Gibbs (High School), cheerleaders have to wear t-shirts under their tops while they are at school. They can’t wear their skirts at all in class.

“It’s appropriate for them when doing that activity, but a school has another purpose, and that’s academics,” Gibbs principal Stephanie Adkinson told the Times.

At St. Petersburg, the cheerleaders have a few different skirts. This year, they are only allowed to wear a longer skirt during class. They must also wear a jacket.

Some parents are unhappy with the new rules.

It’s the last line that drives me crazy. The parents are unhappy with the rules? What? How about the parents should be unhappy that their daughters are being issued uniforms that would make Miley Cyrus blush?

The school is right to ban the uniforms from class but they’re crazy for making them the uniforms in the first place. Shouldn’t the school be issuing uniforms that are appropriate enough to wear in class?

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