The HuffPo is shocked, shocked I say to discover the pope might be Catholic!

One of the Huffington Post’s Gay writer (is that redundant?) completely melts down over the alleged meetup between Pope Francis and Kim Davis. She calls Pope Francis “cowardly” and yes, even “sinister.”

After first refusing to confirm nor deny it, the Vatican has confirmed that Pope Francis met with the Kentucky clerk Kim Davis at the Vatican Embassy in Washington, where Davis’ attorney — who made the news public after the pope’s trip ended — said Francis told her to “stay strong.” And that simple encounter completely undermines all the goodwill the pope created in downplaying “the gay issue” on his U.S. trip.

The pope played us for fools, trying to have it both ways. As I noted last week, he’s an artful politician, telling different audiences what they want to hear on homosexuality. He did that in Argentina as a cardinal — railing against gay marriage when the Vatican expected him to do so — and he’s done that since becoming pope, striking a softer tone on the issue after Benedict’s harsh denunciations were a p.r. disaster for the Catholic Church in the West. But this news about Kim Davis portrays him as a more sinister kind of politician. That’s the kind that secretly supports hate, ushering the bigots in the back door — knowing they’re an embarrassment — while speaking publicly about about how none of us can judge one another.

Whoa, this sounds like an embarrassing drunk voice mail I once left a girl. It’s best if I don’t go into it. I’m just glad I didn’t publish it on HuffPo. To have my idiocy put out there for thousands of people to see. Boy, that would be embarrassing.