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Month November 2012

Students Forbidden to Sell “Christmas Trees”

This story is the shizzle. (Is that how you spell that?) I was checking out Pewsitter and this story just jumped out at me. A community college after forbidding students from selling “Christmas trees” and demanding they call them “holiday… Continue Reading →

Baby Feared Dead, Born Alive!

Doctors told a mother her unborn baby was dead but was shortly after, the baby was born alive. Hey folks, doctors don’t always know everything. Doctors sometimes tell moms that their kids have a terrible abnormality or that they won’t… Continue Reading →

Accidental Evangelism

Recently, I have been giving a lot of thought to how can a regular Catholic Joe like me fulfill my evangelical duty. I suppose when I think about evangelism, I conjure images of a man on a soapbox on the… Continue Reading →

To Coop or Not To Coop, That is the question

To Coop or Not To Coop, That is the question. Whether it is nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outraged neighbors, or to take arms and hammer and build me a chicken coop and get some chickens. I… Continue Reading →

What Would You Do with the Popemobile?

The Church Report tells us that: An Irish businessman said he is offering Pope John Paul II’s Popemobile up for rent to partiers for $324 per hour. Paddy Dunning said the Popemobile, a yellow Ford Transit van specially adapted for… Continue Reading →

Obama Pardons Turkey with Sign of the Cross

Father Z recently wrote a piece about blasphemy and the way in which President Obama is depicted. And a good friend of mine just gave me a heads up about this. Did you know that Obama pardoned the turkey this… Continue Reading →

They Replaced the Christmas Tree with…This?

The traditional Christmas tree will no longer be lit in downtown Brussels because some may find it offensive. Here’s the tree that’s stood in the town square for years and below is it the neon-ish horror that replaced it: According… Continue Reading →

Catholics Don’t “Believe” Life Begins at Conception

*subhead*We KNOW it!*subhead* I don’t know how many times I have heard it. Well-meaning Catholics who say, “As a Catholic, I believe life begins at conception.” I have decided that my mission in life is to correct this miscommunication because… Continue Reading →

Nekkid Lib Protesters Storm Boehner’s Office

A bunch of nekkid lib protesters just stormed John Boehner’s office. Don’t they know he only screws Conservatives? [Business Insider]A group of nude protesters barged into House Speaker John Boehner’s Washington office Tuesday afternoon, according to several reporters who were… Continue Reading →

The Awfullest Funniest Prank Ever

Dude. You could kill people scaring them like this. Remember. In an elevator, they can’t hear you scream. *subhead*In an elevator, they can’t hear you scream.*subhead*

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