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Month November 2012

NCReporter: Hey Birth Control is Pro-Life Now!!!

John McCarthy at The National Catholic Reporter states that abortion rates went down in 2008 and 2009 so therefore condoms and The Pill clearly brought abortion rates down because…well… because the Washington Post says that birth control might be the… Continue Reading →


I. Think. I. Just. Had. A. Stroke. I think I tweeted this as a joke after the Mittaster. Exclusive: Jeb Bush Meets with Former Aides near White House Washington, D.C. — Former Florida governor Jeb Bush met Monday with a… Continue Reading →

Women’s Group Auctions “Strategy Session” with Sandra Fluke

A women’s group is auctioning off Sandra Fluke for a “strategy session.” Don’t know if contraception is included. Yeah, the woman who objected to be calling a “slut” is selling herself by the hour. This is just too awesome. The… Continue Reading →

Half Man on Hit Show is Now a Real Man

The character referred to as 1/2 in Two and a Half Men is growing up. And he’s telling people the show is “filth” and people should turn it off. So let me get this right. This kid grew up watching… Continue Reading →

And I Thought Meghan McCain was the Dumb McCain

Never mind that 49% of the people voted against Obama, John McCain clearly sees abortion as the reason Romney lost and he’s willing to send up the white flag on defending the unborn. You know, because suddenly babies became less… Continue Reading →

Obligatory “They Took The Kids Away” Post

Well, by now you may have heard of the very troubling but entirely predictable story out of the UK in which dedicated foster parents had their ethnically diverse charges removed because some social worker decided that their political party affiliation… Continue Reading →

Jamie Foxx: “Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama”

Wow. Just wow. Sick stuff. Sad. HT Newsbusters *subhead*Oh my.*subhead*

The Worst Timed Sports Column Ever Written

This is just priceless. I’m not a big Rick Reilly fan but this one takes the cake for saying something that seemed like common knowledge for over a decade and warming it up as some kind of brave declaration. The… Continue Reading →

Three of The Most Unlikely Saints

The Saint Louis Tribune was not alone in casting doubt as to whether Dorothy Day could become a saint: They asked, “Could a bohemian journalist, who had a failed marriage and an abortion, be a candidate for Catholic canonization?” This,… Continue Reading →

Don’t Let This Happen To You

Well now that all the good feelings and gratefulness of Thanksgiving is over, we can now move back into anger and recrimination mode. Here is some snippets of an email from failed parents to their failed adult children. If i… Continue Reading →

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