Never mind that 49% of the people voted against Obama, John McCain clearly sees abortion as the reason Romney lost and he’s willing to send up the white flag on defending the unborn. You know, because suddenly babies became less human because 51% of the people voted for Obama.

Hot Air reports it this way:

I never understood what Mitch Daniels had in mind, specifically, when he called for a truce on social issues but at least he was aiming at both sides. Not so McCain. He’s in all-out post-election concessions mode here, looking to solve the GOP’s problems with Latinos and young women in one fell niche-policy swoop. When he says we should leave abortion alone, I think what he means is that the Akins and Mourdocks of tomorrow should maybe try to resist the urge to free-associate about rape in public. But I’m curious to know where he was headed with this thought, which, as you’ll see, was abruptly interrupted: “As far as young women are concerned, absolutely, I don’t think anybody like me…” Normally, a sentence like that uttered in the context of abortion ends with “… should be telling them what they can do with their bodies.” Last I checked, McCain opposes legalized abortion, but here he sounds perilously close to being personally pro-life but legislatively pro-choice. Has he finally gone full Maverick?

I think the reason Republicans lost the election is the fact that Democrats turned out minority voters and Republicans didn’t even contest them. So it follows perfectly that the GOP should quit defending the unborn, right?

So let’s get this straight. Republicans in the past month have signaled their surrender on taxes and now a lead Republican is signaling surrender of abortion. This sounds like a recipe for success, doesn’t it? Pretty soon Republicans will be booing God.