The Church Report tells us that:

An Irish businessman said he is offering Pope John Paul II’s Popemobile up for rent to partiers for $324 per hour.

Paddy Dunning said the Popemobile, a yellow Ford Transit van specially adapted for the pope’s 1979 visit to Ireland, came with the Dublin Wax Museum when he purchased it a few years ago and he is now planning to rent out the 15-seat vehicle for bachelor parties and other engagements, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

Dude’s gonna’ rent it for bachelor parties which seems kinda’ nasty to me.

For me, it looks kind of appealing because I’m thinking I could drive the kids around and it separates the driver from the passengers. I probably wouldn’t even be able to hear them and they’d be all fenced in. It’d be like WWF back there and I wouldn’t be able to hear a thing. I guess I’d have to get some kind of panic button installed so that if things got waaaaay out of hand back there someone could push the “things are getting serious back here” button.

You have any ideas about what you could do with the old Popemobile?

HT Pewsitter