Is this really what we’ve come to? Oh yeah, we’ve actually been heading there for a while and the people of Washington just voted themselves there.

The Washington state Health Department will be changing marriage and divorce certificates in response to the same-sex marriage law that takes effect Dec. 6.

Words such as “bride,” “groom,” “husband” and “wife” will likely be gone. The department wants to use gender-neutral terms.

Spokesman Tim Church told KIRO-FM ( they could be replaced with something like “Spouse A” and “Spouse B.”

The forms will still include gender so the state can track the number of same-sex couples in the state.

The department is asking the public for suggestions. A public hearing on wording marriage certificates will be held Wednesday in Tumwater.

This tells you everything you need to know about us when we think we can vote away reality and then offer suggestions on what to call our distortion. Think about it. Until recently everyone knew that when you got pregnant, you got pregnant with a baby. But that wasn’t good enough for us. In our utopia, we’ve now relabeled babies as a “product of conception” or a “blob of tissue.”

Remember those old maternity shirts that had the word “baby” with an arrow towards the womb. I don’t see those anymore. Perhaps they should make new ones with “blob of tissue.”

Methinks that the newly renamed institution of marriage will find itself where many babies find themselves nowadays – disposable and trashed.