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Remember that University of Texas faculty member who was savaged after reporting that children of gay parents have significantly more problems than children from traditional families.

There were reports that this guy was a nut and the college was looking into serious accusations of scientific misconduct. Well now the University of Texas is saying there was no misconduct at all.

A University of Texas faculty member did not commit scientific misconduct in connection with his study that raised doubts about gay parenting, the university has concluded.

As a result, no formal investigation of allegations against Mark Regnerus, an associate professor of sociology, is warranted, UT announced Wednesday.

“I think it’s a just and wise decision, and I’m certainly pleased with it,” Regnerus told the American-Statesman in an email. “It was a thorough and fair process, and conducted professionally.”

Regnerus found that the adult children of gay parents reported significantly different, and often worse, life experiences than the children of married, heterosexual biological parents.

A number of sociologists and gay marriage advocates objected to his findings, contending that they subverted a decade of research. The critics also questioned his methodology, the peer review process and the fact that the study was paid for by two conservative groups, the Witherspoon Institute and the Bradley Foundation. An internal draft audit by Social Science Research, the journal that published the study, found “serious flaws” in the peer review process and concluded that the journal never should have published his report

. I’m assuming all those folks who savaged him as a homophobe will be lining up to apologize soon, right?

The guy should be held up by the scientific community as a hero for sticking to the science while bullies attempted to change the facts. But he won’t be. After savaging him proves fruitless, now they’ll just completely ignore him.