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Christian School Fires Teacher for Getting Pregnant

This is the kind of story that mainstream media loves to use to show how mean and evil Christians are. A Dallas-area volleyball coach and science teacher was fired by the Christian school at which she worked for becoming pregnant… Continue Reading →

Leading Atheist Calls for “Eradication” of Fundamentalist Christians

Al Stefanelli, the Georgia State Director for American Atheists, today called for the “eradication” of fundamentalist Christians. You might remember this group as the one who recently filed a lawsuit to remove the WTC cross. Just in case you don’t… Continue Reading →

Whitewashing The Slaughter of Christians

In recent days it’s come to light that many black people are living in fear in Libya. Black immigrants who came to Libya as workers are suspected of being loyalists to Qaddafi. They are subjected to arrest or worse. The… Continue Reading →

Chomsky: Christians Defend Israel Becase They Hate Jews…or Something

This is painful. Maybe Noam Chomsky used to be a bright guy but here his thinking is shallow and just plain dumb. Maybe he was always like that, I don’t know. But his suppositions in this short vid are just… Continue Reading →

Dem: Christian Militants Might Bring Down This Country!!!

Democrat congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee seems to fear Christians a bit. She’s worried we’re gonna’ topple the government or something. And I’m trying to follow her logic here. I’m pretty sure she’s saying that the government shouldn’t be worried about… Continue Reading →

I Am In Awe of Such Faith

An Afghanistan Christian and father of six, is imprisoned and scheduled to die. His crime? He believes Christ is his Savior. And he is scheduled to die because of it. No defense lawyer will take his case for fear of… Continue Reading →

Begging Obama to Help Iraqi Christians

A group of Republicans and Democrats are urging President Obama to help prevent the death of more Iraqi Christians. In their public letter to President Obama, the group warned that that unless something is done the situation “promises more innocent… Continue Reading →

Don’t Send Your Kids to this Christian College

This is pretty awful if it is what it seems to be. The video says it’s part of a freshman orientation performance for students of Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota, a Lutheran college. Honestly, it looks like the inmates have… Continue Reading →

Do You have Pray-Dar?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Gay-dar is now officially a word. It’s the ability of gay people to spot each other. And now Christopher Hitchens said that as an atheist he can tell that Obama’s an atheist too. The… Continue Reading →

Actor Calls Jesus “Lord and Savior”

I’ve always liked Will Smith. He doesn’t seem as crazy as everyone else in Tinseltown. According to Newsmax: The No. 1 actor in Hollywood Will Smith knows about the antipathy many in Tinseltown have toward folks with more traditional religious… Continue Reading →

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