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Space Station on Mars Found?!

Some dude claims to have discovered a mysterious structure on the surface of the red planet – by looking on Google earth. David Martines, whose YouTube video of the ‘station’ has racked up over 200,000 hits so far, claims to… Continue Reading →

Bigfoot is Dead!!!

I’m out. I’m done. No more Bigfoot. No more Yeti sightings. No more watching Sasquatch videos. I’m out. I’m turning my back. Bigfoot is dead to me. For years I’ll admit I checked out any videos of the bipedal ape… Continue Reading →

Which Story is More Apocalyptic?

You wanna’ be scared. No one and I mean no one will be able to read this post and see this video and remain unmoved. And when I say you’ll be moved I mean you’ll be horrified. The AP reports… Continue Reading →

Kathryn Lopez is Scaring Me

Things are not looking good for us. Congressman Bart Stupak is reportedly “optimistic” about resolving the little abortion difficulty in Obamacare. You know, every time I start having some faith in the existence of Blue Dog Democrats or at least… Continue Reading →

Wooden Plank on Mars

An image sent back from the Red Planet has revealed an object bearing an uncanny resemblance to a wooden log. It was captured by the Mars Rover near the Endurance Crater. The find has excited conspiracy theorists who say it’s… Continue Reading →

Two Bigfoot Searchers Spot a Recession

The two Bigfoot researchers who claimed to have captured Bigfoot in a freezer, are now claiming to have discovered a real live “Recession” right here in America. “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen,” said one Bigfoot researcher. “It… Continue Reading →

Bigfoots, Chupacabras and Monsters! Oh My!

In the past two weeks there’s been a plethora of monster stories in the media, even in the New York Times. We had the infamous Chupacabra video by a police car. We had Bigfoot in a freezer. We had the… Continue Reading →

Bigfoot on Mars!!!! REALLY!

Mark Shea posted this on his great site “Catholic and Enjoying It.” I’m a Bigfoot fan. There I said it. Mock away. I actually don’t think he exists to be honest. Bigfoot. Not Mark Shea. But I just love all… Continue Reading →

Atheists Host Pornographic Christian Art Exhibit

Not to seem too much like Andy Rooney but have to ask; have you ever noticed that atheists nowadays tend to be more evangelistic than believers? Look at the comment boxes in religious blogs. You can’t go too far without… Continue Reading →

Christians and Kooks

I escaped from my home for a few hours to hit the local bookstore yesterday. I love picking up four or five books and sitting in understuffed chairs while sipping warm hot chocolate. I really do.I picked up a few… Continue Reading →

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