I’m out. I’m done. No more Bigfoot. No more Yeti sightings. No more watching Sasquatch videos. I’m out. I’m turning my back. Bigfoot is dead to me.

For years I’ll admit I checked out any videos of the bipedal ape man roaming the woods of the world. I watched the documentaries of eyewitness sightings when they came on Discovery or History or whoever. I even took seriously (kinda’)the guys with the foot imprints. I even sorta believed the guy who said he almost took a picture of Bigfoot but dropped his camera in fright. Hey, I figured if a nine foot hairy monster was coming at me I wouldn’t be thinking about photographing my last moments.

But overall my thinking was that if the Bigfoot clubs were going to put up a strong effort I was there for them. Open minded Matt -that’s what they call me. But no more. Open minded Matt is closing his mind.

Now, you might ask, “Why open-minded Matt? What happened to close your mind, Matt?”

I’ll tell you. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This happened. This video is making its way all around the internet and even on news shows. It’s made Bigfoot a trending topic on Twitter and Yahoo. Newspapers are detailing it like a real news story. Here’s the video:

Really? Seriously? That’s all you got? Come on. The Bigfoot people are just mailing it in at this point. This is a guy in an ape suit. Maybe a Chewbacca suit. And this is what passes for Bigfoot nowadays. Dude, if this loser was Bigfoot let him stay hidden. But seriously, if Bigfoot enthusiasts aren’t going to at least pull off interesting fakes, I’m out.

Chupacabra and the Montauk Monster is where it’s at nowadays. The Bigfooters got old.

So going forward – I’m still cool with El Chupacabra, Hogzilla, and the Montauk Monster? All good. But Bigfoot? No. I’m out.