Not to seem too much like Andy Rooney but have to ask; have you ever noticed that atheists nowadays tend to be more evangelistic than believers? Look at the comment boxes in religious blogs. You can’t go too far without stumbling upon some atheist with something to say. I’ve never gone to an atheist site to yell at them.

It’s an odd thing to be so pushy about a negative which is what atheism is, though. The International Federation of Atheists is a group of atheists and they do what it seems atheists do -which is to speak incessantly of religion.

I wonder what atheists talk about. Do they whisper sweet nothingness into one another’s ears? Or do they always speak of those things in which they do not believe. There are any number of things in which I don’t believe including Bigfoot but I don’t start a group called the International Federation of Exclusively Smallfeet. It’s odd how people rally around a banner of negation. Atheism is not a philosophy on life.

It seems to me completely silly to announce (and they always do) that you are an atheist. There are many things that I am not. I have never announced that I am not a Buddhist. Or a vegetarian. I would just typically say, “I am a Catholic” or “Is anyone gonna’ eat that last cheeseburger?”

But anyway the International Federation of Atheists announced this week it will hold the first Council of Atheists in Toledo, Spain, during which it will present a pornographic exhibit entitled Sanctorum, which features images of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the saints.

Organizers said the event will be held in the old church of San Vicente of Toledo, which is now administered by the Toledo Art Circle. The first Council of Atheists will be held December 7-9.

Rather odd. A bunch of people who supposedly want nothing to do with religion going to see an exhibit about religion. I suppose they want attention, the poor things. If they would just become Christians they’d realize that Someone is paying quite close attention and they wouldn’t have to be so outrageous and silly.

If only all Christians would get this obsessed with religion the world might be a better place.