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Month April 2007

Selling Indulgences – The Modern Way

Can someone explain to me how selling Carbon Offsets is any different from the selling of indulgences? Individuals and companies can purchase Carbon Offsets for remission of the sin of introducing carbon into the environment. The problem is, this does… Continue Reading →

Bye Bye Rosie

Rosie O’Donnell is out at the view. What a shocker. She seems like such a nice young lady. Apparently, ABC and Rosie just couldn’t come to terms. Rosie wanted the ability to spread her anti-Bush, anti-catholic, anti-Chinese, anti-gun, anti…..well just… Continue Reading →

Stone Head

On the topic of the Supreme Court decision upholding the Partial Birth Abortion ban: Geoffrey R. Stone is the Harry Kalven, Jr. Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago. Prof. Stone writes this seriously perplexing bit of… Continue Reading →

Not enough ‘God only Knows’

Should we find out? My wife asked me that question about 15 weeks into her pregnancy. My wife has always been willing to be surprised by the sex of the baby but not me. I need to know. And so… Continue Reading →

McGreevey goes to Burger King

Jim McGreevey, the infamous openly gay ex-Governor of New Jersey, has written to the New York Times Magazine. Mr. McGreevey writes: The pontiff may well be correct in identifying Christianity as the religious foundation of Europe, as a counterpoint to… Continue Reading →

Family Sees Miracle in Autistic Daughter

This story from Catholic.org about a young autistic girl who uses art to communicate with the world is sure to move you. It’s a great story about answered prayers and a reminder that children born with disabilities are miracles too…. Continue Reading →

Needle in a Haystack

Daniel Pipes has an article at Catholic Exchange that promotes the idea that moderate Muslims are the answer to radical Islam. From the article: Admittedly, they do not constitute a movement but represent mere wisps in the face of the… Continue Reading →


A quick Yahoo news search on Fr.”Richard McBrien” shows that his comments calling into question some basic tenets of the faith are included in the the coverage of many of the top news agencies in the country. This list includes… Continue Reading →

Fr. McBrien Claims No Original Sin

Lunatic Emeritus Fr. Richard McBrien proves once again he is on the vanguard of the now ossified “Spirit of Vatican II” movement. McBrien, in an Associated Press report, claimed that there is no original sin as proved by Pope Benedict’s… Continue Reading →

Catholics in the Crosshairs – Update

As a follow up to Matthew’s post from yesterday, it did not take very long to prove him right. Check out these anti-Catholic examples just from today.First, a cartoon in the Philadelphia Inquirer:It is stunning that a paper such as… Continue Reading →

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