A quick Yahoo news search on Fr.”Richard McBrien” shows that his comments calling into question some basic tenets of the faith are included in the the coverage of many of the top news agencies in the country. This list includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Time Magazine
  • USA Today
  • ABC News
  • Boston Globe
  • Associated Press
  • etc

It is obvious that the coverage by the Ordinary Ministers of the Media on limbo was slanted and uninformed. One might think that this is just ignorance of things Catholic, however the inclusion of quotes by Fr. Richard McBrien in so much of coverage shows otherwise.

When trying to put into context the statements, proclamations, and teachings of the Catholic Church they automatically call the toll free dissent number. They purposely and extensively quote from someone who disagrees with the Church on just about everything. In fact, in many of these articles you will find more quotes from the Rev. Richard McBrien than you will from the document being covered. This is not by accident.

The Ordinary Ministers of the Media wish to create the impression that there is not a tenet, dogma, or precept of the Church that cannot be changed if only we just got rid of Popes like JPII and B16. If everything that the Church teaches is subject to change, then those who deny these teachings (especially the moral ones) are simply ahead of the curve. It is their attempt to obtain a “Get out of Jail (Hell) Free Card”. If the Church just makes this stuff up, then there is no sin and they are good to go. If not, then…well…best not to think of that.