Daniel Pipes has an article at Catholic Exchange that promotes the idea that moderate Muslims are the answer to radical Islam. From the article:

Admittedly, they do not constitute a movement but represent mere wisps in the face of the Islamist onslaught. This means, I argue, that the U.S. government and other powerful institutions should give priority to locating, meeting with, funding, forwarding, empowering, and celebrating those brave Muslims who, at personal risk, stand up and confront the totalitarians.

Heck, we couldn’t even find Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Hoffa, D.B. Cooper, or even bin Laden. How are we going to find these guys? Pipes quotes a RAND report in support of his theory:

Reviewing American efforts to fight Islamism, the authors find these lacking, at least with regard to strengthening moderates. Washington, they find, “does not have a consistent view on who the moderates are, where the opportunities for building networks among them lie, and how best to build the networks.”

Washington does not have a consistent view on who the moderates are because they are a lot like Bigfoot. People claim to have seen them and they might theoretically exist, but you are not likely to run into one any time soon. Tell me, which list is shortest?

  • Famous Jewish Sports Legends
  • Delicious English Recipes
  • Compendium of Attractive Feminists
  • Famous Muslim Peace Leaders

I remain dubious.