Jim McGreevey, the infamous openly gay ex-Governor of New Jersey, has written to the New York Times Magazine. Mr. McGreevey writes:

The pontiff may well be correct in identifying Christianity as the religious foundation of Europe, as a counterpoint to pathologies of reason and as a religious bridge to Islam. Yet it would seem problematic for the church to advocate for the inclusion of a religious viewpoint within the European cultural debate but be unwilling to suffer dialogue internally on issues of the day, including abortion, priestly celibacy, gay rights, etc. The church under Benedict XVI, sadly, has drawn a clear line as to what constitutes permissible theological debate.

You just can’t make this stuff up. It might seem problematic to the Governor that the Church does not turn its back on the truth. It might seem problematic to the Governor that the Church chooses Jesus and His teaching over Governor McGreevey’s deep thoughts. It never occurs to the Governor that he might be the problem.

The Governor, like many others today, is a Burger King Catholic. They want it their way. (Hold the pickle, hold the fetish, special catholics don’t upset us.) It never occurs to them that if they don’t like what the Church is selling, they can shop elsewhere. Does anyone think that McGreevey, or anyone else that joins his call for dialogue, are actually interested in talking? Real Dialogue? Real debate? Dialogue to them is simply translated ‘I will browbeat you until you do what I say’.

Talk about patholigies of reason. Sadly, Governor McGreevey has drawn a clear line between his thinking and rational debate.