Rosie O’Donnell is out at the view. What a shocker. She seems like such a nice young lady.

Apparently, ABC and Rosie just couldn’t come to terms. Rosie wanted the ability to spread her anti-Bush, anti-catholic, anti-Chinese, anti-gun, anti…..well just anti everything (except gays of course) view on the ‘View’. ABC said no. They probably did it for monetary reasons but her recent antics cannot have helped her case.

The foul mouthed O’Donnell, who is from my home town (I know, I know), recently spewed her obscene venom at New York Women’s Luncheon in front of a bunch of teenage high school girls. Girls being honored for scholarship. I believe that Rupert Murdoch was this week’s target. Trump is old news, apparently.

Just last week she went on an anti-Catholic tirade which we wrote about here. She has also compared Christianity to Islamofascism.

Well, Rosie will be leaving in June and hopefully returning to well deserved obscurity. I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before she claims ABC negotiators were all Catholic? I think they just had taste.

I know I should pray for her, but she certainly doesn’t make it easy.