As previously posted on this site, I have decided to hang my hat on the May 5th date for the release of the famed Motu Proprio ‘liberalizing’ the use of the 1962 Mass.

This date, of course, is the feast day of Pope St. Pius V, who consolidated and codified the Tridentine Mass in 1570. So that, in and of itself, would be sufficient to make it a day to watch. But rumor also has it that the Pope himself hinted at a May date for the release in an audience with Dr. Alice von Hildebrand.

Honestly, I have absolutely no hard evidence to back this up, but my Spidey sense is tingling. There is plenty of real evidence (see here and here) that indicates that it is ready and waiting and this is no wishful thinking. It will come out eventually.

So, keep the champagne chilled, your cervezas and lime ready (it is Cinco de Mayo after all), and brush up on your Latin. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Next week may be my turn.