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More Crying Babies at Tridentine Mass than English Mass

A priest in St. Paul said that there are more crying babies at the Tridentine Mass than the English Mass. Therefore I am now labeling anyone who criticizes the Tridentine Mass as “anti-baby.” That’s it. You can’t stop me. I’m… Continue Reading →

Foxman Critique Wildly Misplaced

Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League is screaming and yelling about the offensiveness of Catholics praying for the Jews in the Tridentine Mass. Is this really that bad? Isn’t it actually nice? You know when there’s an entire religion/culture bent… Continue Reading →

Motu Proprio: A Three Year Trial Period?

Say it ain’t so! Fr. Z. is reporting that ACSA has an article reporting a rumor that their will be a three year trial period associated with the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum. Just a rumor at this point, so don’t… Continue Reading →

Motu Proprio – We Have A Name

According to Rorate we have a name for the Motu Proprio.Summorum PontificumThis is as per I-media.

The Chemical Answer to Liturgical Reform

Just in the nick of time, we have a chemical answer to the hermeneutic of continuity. A new drug can erase bad memories. No this is not a joke. This could be the answer to all our prayers! How do… Continue Reading →

Post Motu Proprio: An Uphill Battle?

What is in store for us post motu proprio? Everything certainly will not be magically fixed with the extraordinary form of the Roman rite instantly available at a parish near you. Think of it this way. If Roe v. Wade… Continue Reading →

Motu Proprio Signals a New ‘Dark Ages’

If you can’t beat them, join them. (Note: For those satirically challenged, please see the definition of parody) Rome — Pope Benedict, a former Hitler youth, will tell Roman Catholic priests in coming days that they can say mass in… Continue Reading →

Motu Proprio Breaking News – The Real Deal

It’s Coming! It is finally coming. July 7th is the date. Today the Secretary of State Tarcisio Card. Bertone gave the Motu Proprio to 30 bishops from around the world. from Rorate: The bishops had been invited to Rome for… Continue Reading →

Name That Motu Proprio

Since the Motu Proprio is clearly on the way, we will likely hear the name of the document soon. But it got me to thinking, what are some good names that will help reach a wide audience? So here is… Continue Reading →

Motu Proprio Home Stretch

Fr. Z. is told by a very well placed source that the long awaited Motu Proprio is at the printers as we speak. This is the home stretch kids. Our patience (or lack thereof) will be rewarded soon. It may… Continue Reading →

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